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Welcome to KPS, where dreams meet innovation and tech entrepreneurs soar to new heights.

In a world of dreams, we stand tall, Empowering tech minds, we heed the call. With knowledge's might and mentor's grace, We guide them towards success' embrace.Innovation blooms, a vibrant hue, Collaboration thrives, old bonds renew. An ecosystem, supportive and strong, Where ideas dance, and dreams belong.With every step, we bridge the gap, From vision's spark to startup's map. Resources abound, they find their way, To shape the future, day by day.In tech's embrace, they take flight, Adapting swiftly to change's might. Sustainable ventures, they create, For a world that's better, they dedicate.With social impact, they aspire, To uplift hearts and souls afire. For challenges great, they find a way, To make a difference, come what may.Industry allies, we unite, In a symphony of shared delight. Partnerships strong, opportunities soar, Together, we open new doors.Learning never ceases, it's true, In this journey we pursue. A quest for growth, knowledge, and more, Innovation's song, forever we'll explore.From every corner, far and near, Tech pioneers, we hold dear. A global tapestry, diverse and bright, Together, we shine, a guiding light.So let us rally, hand in hand, For tech's entrepreneurs, we'll stand. In this vision, a poem's embrace, Tech's dreams come true, in this sacred space.

Nileema Sachin Nimbalkar
Founder Managing Director

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Our Vision
Nurturing tech dreams, forging a brighter tomorrow

Our vision is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of technology entrepreneurs, where innovation knows no bounds and dreams become reality. We aim to be the premier catalyst for empowering aspiring tech entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary knowledge, mentorship, and resources to transform their ideas into successful ventures. By fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and resilience, we envision a future where technology-driven startups drive global progress and impact positively on society

Our Mission
Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower aspiring technology entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive training, expert mentorship, and a supportive ecosystem. Through fostering innovation, encouraging collaboration, and facilitating access to resources, we strive to propel these entrepreneurs towards sustainable success in the ever-evolving technology landscape
Industry Experts

Meet The Instructors

Nileema Nimbalkar
Azure Solution Architect
Rushikesh Dhole
Digital Marketing Expert
Vishal G
DevOps Expert
Sachin N
Technology Evangilist
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